In 2019 there are still all-male juries

In Gdansk, for instance.



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    • Classical music stands for an enlightened, humanistic world view….. Where there are suspicions of discrimination, or other anti-humanist motivations, a careful look is entirely justified. This does not mean ‘stupid leftist trends’ or derailled gender politics. While differences between the sexes and/or genders are acknowledged, that does not mean that there are no equal rights.

  • But if a woman was on trial and the jury was made up of all women, would this news even make it this far? Of course not.

  • I have been trying to fathom out what precisely is the point being made here.With only 5 on the jury, it is like one of those questions about how many socks one has to take from a draw with many different colours in it , to be sure of having a matching pair

    • The probability of randomly picking 5 men from an even field would be 3% (1 in 32). So I’d say that is quite clearly enough.

    • That is, I mean it’s enough to show there is a problem (of course, here, the field isn’t even. But even if 3/4 of the people appointable to the jury were men, the probability of picking 5 men at random is 24%. In fact, to have a 50% chance of picking 5 men at random, you’d have to assume a field which is 87% men. So this is not an accident).
      So the conclusions are clear:
      – The field of people considered for juries is much more male.
      – There are many more excellent women who are simply not considered for juries because they are not recognized.
      – Juries matter, well, because they literally get to pick what is considered excellent.

      • Faulty logic, I am afraid, Emil. The correct logic is that if there are 32 competitions, each with a jury of 5, we would expect one of them to be all male. Are there at least 32 competitions?

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