Guess who’s stalking Jonas Kaufmann at Covent Garden

Peter Gelb was at the ROH Forza matinee today, trying to cadge a word with the elusive Jonas.

Photo by Slippedisc reader

Maybe he was just dropping off a silver baby rattle from Tiffany’s.

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    • especially the first class ticket. meanwhile, the met has rows and rows of empty seats. Wagner the exception. they are hawking tickets on every discount site around.

      • The Met holds 4000 – twice ROH, Vienna etc. Kaufmann
        Doesn’t sell out the Met but Netrebko & Camarena do.
        The world’s greatest tenor seems to be having issues

        • Netrebko sells out in London with Jonas at her side but if Mr Netrebko is shouting then it’s not sold out! Just check the website

      • In this day and age, the Met theater is too big and they stage too many productions.

        They should tear down the existing, dated modernist theater and build a new one with 2,500 seats. They should cut the number of annual productions to 20 at the most.

    • Very true. But he wasn’t there primarily to see you….. or is there something else we should know?

  • The performance was very good thanks to Netrebko and Tézier essentially. Kaufmann was in good form but a step below. Furlanetto was moving but he was already Philip II in Karajan’s Don Carlo nearly 33 years ago. The Preciozilla was not at the level of the remaining cast. The biggest disappointment for me was the lack of projection of the orchestra’s sound though Pappano conducted a stilish and exciting performance.

    • “The biggest disappointment for me was the lack of projection of the orchestra’s sound” – I hear this problem is some ROH video releases, like the “Il Trittico”. Is that a common problem at the ROH?

    • wash your ears – Furlanetto and Corbelli were best as true Italian singing – the rest also very good and Jonas warmed up and was wonderful – Netrebko (vulgar deep notes) was also ver good though she had a slight problem in ‚pace pace…‘ with her pianissimo but overall a fabulous performance in an ugly typical German Regietheater production. The mediocre Mr. Loy wasn’t even there – Gelb should bring it to MET so we will lose further audience – he is such a bad manager but he has no knowledge of it like Lissner and many others – ‚jedes Ding hat seine Zeit‘

  • Mr. Gelb was scouting a new production of La Forza for the Met and hopes to lour Mr. Kaufmenn (and of course Ms. Netrebko) into coming as well. A good Alvaro is hard to find now a days; is it any wonder there have been so few productions of this opera lately.

  • Funny thing – a picture of Gelb talking to someone else is interpreted that he’s ‘stalking’ Kaufmann? Where is the logic in that?

  • Exactly, it’s actually his job to recruit stars for his own theater! And chances are better if he goes there personally, rather than sending a grey-mouse-scout! Where’s the fire SD?

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