Finalists are named at BBC Cardiff Singer of the World

Twenty singers from 15 countries have been chosen for this summer’s competition.

The contestants come from 15 countries – three Russians, two each from South Korea, Ukraine and USA, and others from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, England, Guatemala (for the first time), Mexico, Mongolia, Portugal, South Africa and Wales.

In order of nationality they are:

Guadalupe BARRIENTOS – mezzo soprano – Argentina (32 years)

Lauren FAGAN – soprano – Australia (31 years)

Camila TITINGER – soprano – Brazil (29 years)

Mingjie LEI – tenor – China (31 years)

Katie BRAY – mezzo soprano – England (32 years)

Adriana GONZALEZ – soprano – Guatemala (27 years)

Jorge ESPINO – baritone – Mexico (27 years)

Badral CHULUUNBAATAR – baritone – Mongolia (29 years)

Luis GOMES – tenor- Portugal (32 years)

Roman ARNDT – tenor – Russia (30 years)

Karina KHERUNTS – mezzo soprano – Russia (32 years)

Yulia MENNIBAEVA – mezzo soprano – Russia (31 years)

Owen METSILENG – tenor – South Africa (31 years)

Leonardo LEE – baritone – South Korea (31 years)

Sooyeon LEE – soprano – South Korea (30 years)

Lena BELKINA – mezzo soprano – Ukraine (31 years)

Andrei KYMACH – baritone – Ukraine (31 years)

Patrick GUETTI – bass – USA (31 years)

Richard OLLARSABA – bass baritone – USA (31 years)

Angharad LYDDON – mezzo soprano – Wales (30 years)

2017 winner Catriona Morrison


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  • Europe is the cradle of operatic singing. And only 3 countries represent it : The UK, Russia and Ukraine.Where are others? It calls rather elegiac thoughts to my mind ….

  • One from England one from Wales; but no one from the UK? Is this the beginning of the end of the UK?

  • Good luck to Guadalupe Barrientos, who sang a fine Ulrica in ‘Un ballo in maschera’ last year in Rio de Janeiro! In Buenos Aires, she sang also a very good Amneris and even a female version of Don Magnifico (!) in an adaptation of ‘La Cenerentola’ for children, both roles well documented by Teatro Colón webcasts. As a Portuguese citizen, I must say good luck also to my compatriot Luis Gomes.

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