Fastest streaming classical album?

It’s a Decca claim, hard to disprove:

Ludovico Einaudi today hits the top spot of the UK Classical Chart with his new album ‘Seven Days Walking: Day One’ which has become the fastest-streamed classical album of all time in its first week of release. Out last Friday on Decca Records, his 14th studio album exceeded 2 million streams on release day alone, and continued to stream at a record-breaking rate for the next seven days, dominating classical charts across the globe.

The release of this album has caused a dramatic uplift in classical streaming as a whole. Gennaro Castaldo at the BPI explains ‘The Einaudi Effect’:

“Streaming of classical repertoire is growing at a rapid pace – faster than any other music genre, last year up by 42 per cent. Ludovico Einaudi is in the vanguard of this exciting shift as its most streamed artist, and in the process he is not only seeing a huge leap in his own considerable fanbase around the world, he is also helping to draw many more people of all backgrounds into the wonderful world of classical music.”

Decca President Rebecca Allen says, “Einaudi is a true pioneer, an innovator and a disrupter. His music cuts through in ways no other artist can. This is just day one of our campaign, so I am beyond thrilled that around the world the beauty of this music is resonating!”

We thought you should know.


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  • The man might just be well-meaning, or he might just be a complete fraud. Who knows?
    I still think it’s “music “ to cut your wrists to. Sorry Einaudi but it’s dreadful, tinkly, saccharine drek.

  • Decca thinks this is a classical release? Consumers think this is a classical release? No wonder classical music is in such trouble. This is merely recycled George Winston.

    • I actually think he’s written a little bit of good music in the past, but what I’ve heard of this new stuff is, well, the stuff of elevators and on-hold corporate phone calls.

  • Ludovico Einaudi is not classical. He’s New Age. Our civilization is collapsing before our very eyes.

  • A “disrupter?” First, the only thing he’s disrupting is artistic integrity; second, how noxious that Silicon Valley buzzwords are omnipresent now in every field.

  • Einaudi’s music truly fits the genre label, “new age”. That’s where I file him at the store. He only has ‘classical’ exposure because baby pablum radio stations like KDFC play him. They could just as easily play George Winston or David Lanz (who I like).

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