Death of an influential clarinet, 64

We learn with sadness that Wolfgang Meyer died yesterday.

The brother of Sabine Meyer, he was professor in Karlsruhe from 1989 until his death and director of the Musikhochschule for six years. He was involved with the Trio di Clarone, Carmina Quartett and Quatuor Mosaïques and gave masterclasses in Brazil, Italy, Japan, Canada and Finland.

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    • I was wondering the same thing about clarinet players. Ernst Ottensamer (WPO) died July, 2017, at age 59 and there have been quite a few others since of much the same age.

  • Very nice clip. You don’t hear German trained clarinet players play with vibrato very often.

    Not as good as Sabine but still a wonderful player.

    • Dumb assed comment « Sir David » !!
      Are you serious !!?
      « Not as good as Sabine !?! »
      Don’t know you from Adam .. but you sound like a … Dink .. yes I’d say that’d be the right word !
      Lack of .. what is it ?? oh ya.. CLASS !
      Sir my Ass !
      C Hall
      (no sir required)

  • What a shame. I really liked his playing – in particular a lovely account of the Bliss quintet. I’d always thought of that as a quintessentially English piece, and it really opened my ears to hear a German player’s take on it. Fine musicianship.

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