Composer turns 70 with 17th symphony

The hyperactive Finnish composer Kalevi Aho turned 70 yesterday.

The birthday will be marked by Sinfonia Lahti on April 4 with the world premiere of Aho’s 17th symphony, conducted by Dima Slobodeniouk.

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  • What about Leif Segerstam: 327 (!!!) symphonies, september 2018, along with many other works. (fe 30 string quartets, 13 violin concertos, 8 cello concertos.

    • Conductors are still studying the 327 scores to decide which one they would like to perform. When they die, the job is taken-over by the younger generation.

    • Have you ever heard his music from the last 25
      years? Spoiler alert: it’s only 100% quantity with zero quality (short for complete crap!), as the Guiness record book told him once he had contacted them after the first 300.

      • It’s very hard to write a bad symphony. But after the 9th it gets easier. And after 100 they write themselves, without any effect on quality.

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