Chailly to conduct his father’s mass for Pope Paul’s canonisation

Riccardo Chailly will conduct the Scala orchestra and chorus at the Brescia Festival in the ‘Missa Papae Pauli for choir with six voices and orchestra’ composed by his Father Luciano Chailly, it was announced today.

The concert will take place around the contentious canonisation of Pope Paul VI, who came from Brescia.

Luciano Chailly died in 2002, aged 82.


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        • I thought there was some contention about his lack of exceptional merit or activity. He was rather a vanilla Pope, no?

          • Ah yes, I’ve heard that, but others would counter that it was within his very ordinariness that could be found his sanctity. He manoeuvred the Church through some stormy waters in the 6Os.

          • Very odd that you are unaware of any contentiousness around the canonization of Paul VI. Though called by John XXIII, it was Paul VI who was at the helm for most of Vatican II, and was responsible for its subsequent implementation (greatly mishandled by Paul VI, and often abused by those claiming to act “in the spirit of” said Council, going beyond its real mandate and acts). It was also Paul VI who destroyed the traditional Mass and instituted the Novus Ordo (itself largely the creation of the sinister and devious Monsignor Annibale Bugnini).

            Perhaps no Pope in history has left a more destructive and questionable legacy, or done more to dismantle Catholic Tradition, than Paul VI. His canonization has nothing to do with any extraordinary merit or sanctity on his part, and everything to do with modernists wanting to, in effect, canonize Vatican II itself and all subsequent “reforms” allegedly done in its name, so as to insulate them from criticism by traditionalists.

            In his later years Paul VI opined that the “smoke of Satan had entered the sanctuary,” though he failed to recognize that it was he and John XXIII who invited it in. Rather than being canonized, Paul VI and John XXIII should be anathematized and consigned to oblivion.

          • Er…that is a very particular view of the events surrounding Vatican II, and the role played by Paul VI. While it is true that conservative critics are not all happy with Vatican II (and often blame the subsequent direction of the Catholic church on that event), even most conservative critics accept the main thrust of the reforms arising directly from Vatican II itself, and that these reforms were (and are) necessary. One has to be fairly extreme to want to anathematize them.

            As for the traditional mass: the key emphasis of Vatican II is that the laity are participants in the celebration of the mass and need to understand it (e.g. what is happening and also its theological significance).

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