Cecilia Bartoli names her personal conductor

The mezzo-soprano has named Gianluca Capuano, 50, principal conductor of Musiciens du Prince,  the touring ensemble she founded in Monaco.


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  • the only thing I know about Cecilia ( apart from her voice, of course) is everyone speak well of her ( and haw she acts) , so that’s my point 😉

  • please moderate my previous comment , it should be read “everyone speaks well of her”, in an eternal haste as usual 😉

  • In case anyone else wants to get something out of the communication here beyond fixations on adversity.

    Has he been to a conversatory, or conservatory even, could mean any of a number of things, but that’s to be seen yet.

    Is he a good conductor and creates a love for music, than it might be: “Has he been to a conserversatory, boy has he been to one, maybe I would recommend such a place.”

    And such speculation would include everything he or she involves with the music, along with affiliations and other alliances.

    Is he not a good conductor you would find the tune different that goes with where he has or hasn’t been.

  • Gianluca fully deserves this honor. He had been part of Cecilia Bartoli’s Norma project since the first Salzburg production in 2013 as the director of the Coro della Radiotelevisione svizzera. When I had the honor of being part of the producing team of the post-Salzburg tour, we were at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival and faced with the nightmare of no conductor just two hours before the pre-dress rehearsal. Cecilia had the idea of my asking Gianluca to step in to save the rehearsal. He immediately said, “Sure, why not?” Gianluca already had had experience conducting opera but this was the first time Cecilia was giving him a chance. To say that at the first intermission Cecilia was thrilled is an understatement. But we all thought that Gianluca would just be saving a rehearsal. When it turned out that we had to part ways with the original conductor, Gianluca took over the Edinburgh performances, as well as those in Paris and Baden-Baden. Judging by all of Gianluca’s subsequent projects with Cecilia and this recent appointment, it is patently clear that the thrill is most definitely *not* gone between these two. Bravo, Gianluca!

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