Carnegie Hall will host Venezuela concerto

It has been announced that Gabriela Montero, indefatigable campaigner against the Venezuela regime, will play her own concerto at Carnegie Hall on June 30.

Gabi will be accompanied by Carlos Miguel Prieto and NYO2, an ensemble of young American musicians.

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  • I heard the concerto on ARTE. It is wonderful! And it is wonderful that Gabriela Montero will play her own concerto in Carnegie Hall! I can’t think of many times a pianist played their own concerto. Certainly not too often, and not in Carnegie, and not a woman! Brava, from Peru!

  • Thank you for sharing this, Norman. Could I make a couple of minor corrections:

    The date is, as kindly indicated by Sal above, July 30th.

    The concerto is Montero, Piano Concerto No.1, the “Latin” Concerto. Unlike her previous, Venezuela-specific protest piece for piano and orchestra, “Ex Patria” (2011), the “Latin” Concerto (2017) is a full-scale piano concerto in three movements about the Latin American continent generally. It is inspired by the idiomatic musical language of the continent, and references Venezuelan folk music in the third movement, but was specifically written NOT to be a Venezuelan concerto. It celebrates the continent while always reminding the audience of its darker forces, including black magic itself. But this time, nothing at all to do with Chavismo!

    Again, with many thanks…

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