British orchestra to play in Brussels on Brexit night

The British chamber orchestra Aurora has been invited to appear at Brussels’ BOZAR concert hall on the night of March 29, with the support of the British Council.

The programme includes works by Haydn, Britten and Tavener, with appearances by tenor Ian Bostridge, cellist Nicolas Altstaedt and novelists Ali Smith and Jonathan Coe.

Last one turns out the lights.

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  • You know Brexit is not going to happen on March 29, right?

    Of course Parliament is going to vote an extension of Article 50.

    (If not, Aurora better have valid visas if they intend to stay overnight, lol.)

    • this concert was booked over 2 years ago at Bozar and there’s only so long they could extend the interval for before the audience goes home, let alone the orchestra with Haydn’s ‘Farewell’. Last player to the bar picks up the tab?

    • My fly on the wall informs me that the players will defect after the concert and crash on sofas with local friends, in the way Soviet musicians defected when abroad.

  • I expect the sky is going to fall in on Brexit. The sophisticates/globalists are going to be bawling and the regular British people will heave a sigh of relief that elitism did not prevail over democracy. And Corbyn and Labour will be found to be completely unelectable.

  • Celebrate the end of brussels controlling Uk and wasting its money ! Without Brexit there will anarchy and subversive action here in UK!

  • They should be playing in Greece. Their unemployed youth need cheering up more than bureaucrats in Brussels.

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