Breaking: Budget airline goes bust

The Icelandic company WOW has gone out of business.

All flights cancelled.

Thousands stranded.

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    • Wow – indeed, a name can quickly mean its opposite…

      I had a ticket with them in early February, from Europe to USA. Already then there was the writing on the wall, as the airline quit its long-haul flights between San Francisco and Keflavik. Not willing to be forced to endure increasingly likely mischief I cancelled my flight, lost the money I paid (with exception of tax, which I got refunded), and flew with one of the legacy carriers.

      Sic transit…

    • Strangely though, that works for banks and credit card companies.
      Guess it’s different when you can create the money yourself out of thin air.

    • A musician might have bought a ticket…and probably there’s a story in the archives about someone having trouble while traveling on the airline with an instrument.

      • Ne sensible person who needs to arrive on schedule for rehearsals and concerts books a budget airline with a stopover in Iceland.

      • They are (were?) notoriously difficult about musical instruments. I cancelled a Wow flight from the States to Germany when I learned that I would have to check my concert guitar and that the cost to check it would be 180 euros. In addition to their luggage fee they added a surcharge for odd items, with musical instruments specifically named as odd.

  • Sad- we went to Iceland with them a few years ago: flight was fine; service excellent. Although I recall plane and flight attendants were all bright PURPLE, I will bet they are all sadly BLUE now.

    • I flew with them 3 weeks ago to and from Brussels.
      The flights were on time, very basic. Even for water one had to pay.No in-flight entertainment, of course.
      Airfare was very close to the non-budget airlines.
      The crew were pleasant, cheerful, still dressed in different shades of purple and no indication that they were about to land for good.

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