Anne-Sophie Mutter: André left me two gifts

Message from the soloist:

I am deeply moved by your compassionate comments dear friends!

It is so consoling to feel the love and admiration for André from around the world … above all it helps me a great deal to know that I am not alone in missing him very much.

In going trough the many scores he has written for me over the years, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume he has written!

“Tango, Song & Dance” (World Premiere 2001)
“Violin Concerto Anne-Sophie” (2002)
“Concerto for Violin, Double Bass and Orchestra” (2007)
“Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello” (2009)
“Concerto for Violin, Viola und Orchestra” (2009)
“Violin Concerto no. 2 for Violin and String Orchestra with two Harpsichord Interludes” (2012)
“Violin Sonata Nr. 2” (2013)
“Nonet for two string quartets and contrabass” (2015)
“The Fifth Season”, for violin and piano (2018)

It is astounding that I have played also other repertory in these last 20 years!!!

And – the great news is: André gave me as X mas and B Day presents two more scores and – the coolest ever – a Jazz arrangement!!!

So our collaborating lives on …

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  • Is it me? There’s something smarmy about her. When I express my “love and admiration” for Andre Previn, I’m not thinking of A-S Mutter; I’m thinking of Previn. She divorced him. Why does she get to take ownership?

    • I agree it seems a bit odd. But I guess people sometimes divorce, and remain friends. And I think they still made music together.

      • Previn also maintained a friendly relationship with Mia Farrow, another of his ex-wives. He must have been a great guy in his personal life.

    • If you knew anything about them, you’d know they remained close friends and confidants throughout the years after their divorce. Hardly smarmy, though your comment is tactless and rather crude. I hope she didn’t see it.

    • Because even though people get divorced, they have shared that special connection and do have the ability and possibility to stay friends. It’s quite simple

    • Previn himself said that “some people’s marriages don’t work out. In our case, our divorce didn’t work out.” They were talking to each other on the phone every day despite the divorce.

      • Good to know. My only point was – and is – Ms. Mutter can’t have it both ways, insensitive or not. Yes, you can remain good friends and “collaborators”. That part is obvious.

  • OK, it’s kind of hard (difficult) to get this syntaxL the german stuff

    For example, if someone says: “You made us gay,” you probably can tell he’s from Germany, because it should be: “Oh krypers, you win, I’m gay.”

    Anyhow. what’s “THIS!?” in missing him very much.

    WHY she doesn’t say: “in how much I’ve been missing, him, will always miss him, loved him to death, and wish everyone would have never started with the cruel malicious, unkind wicked gossip that they go on about other cases just the same, like: “Oh look at him, he seems to be flapping onstage like they need to get creatures from a book to help him air out all of that old FOAGIE stuff!?”

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