A full professor at 23

The Guildhall School of Music has inducted Peter Moore as professor of trombone.

He has been co-principal at the London Symphony Orchestra since 2014 and is now all of 23 years old.



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  • While this is of course a great achievement, I’m not sure whether it’s accurate to describe this appointment as a “full” professorship. It is standard for all instrumental tutors at conservatoires to use the title “professor”, but the meaning of the title is closer to “teacher”, the sense in which the title is used in countries such as France and Italy. “Full professor” suggests an actual professorial chair.

    • If it is a salaried position, it is professor or lecturer. One is only a teacher in the sense of (major) TEACHER. It is nothing like an ordinary teacher. It requires a special designation of some kind. Maestro comes to mind.

  • I really wonder what a person of 23 years old can really give to students in ways of wisdom. Great player =/= great teacher

  • He’s a lovely lad & a cracking player, but Professor??! Such a title is conservatoire sillyness for titles & status…. I’m sure young Peter can teach the trombone students a lot at Guildhall, but he won;t be able to impart wisdom, experience, & insight into the demands of working with the LSO, as he hasn’t been with them long enough.
    Lets hope all this sudden success, doesn’t put him under undue scrutiny in his tender years, evoking professional crisis & traumas further down the line…..
    Professor at 23? nonsense, as it makes a mockery of those who ‘earn’ such status at universities after years of graft, expertise, & experiences – mainly academic, which music colleges are not.
    This is simply Guildhall creating free publicity for their school, & showing that one of their alumni went straight from them to the LSO.

  • That is utterly ridiculous. Teaching positions belong to pedagogues. Youngsters have to learn to be good students and learn from the masters, not their almost-peers. This could mean the position will not open again for 60 years. Too many schools do this. Orchestral players are not automatically good teachers, let alone great ones.

  • Being co – principal at the LSO at a young age defines Peter Moore as an extraordinary musician. You cannot compare him with other 23 year old musicians, as it’s obvious he is mature both musically and socially! Age is irrelevant when dealing with talent such as his.

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