8 women composers in ‘overdue’ Leipzig season

Andris Nelsons and his artistic planner Tobias Niederschlag have rolled out the next Leipzig Gewandhaus season with a focus on eight women composers. Niederschlag called it ‘overdue’.

The core beneficiary is Clara Schumann, in her bicentennial year.

There will be a spotlight on Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel and Lili Boulanger and premieres by living composers Sofia Gubaidulina, Betsy Jolas, Ella-Milch Sheriff and Lera Auerbach.

l-r: Nelsons, Leipzig Kulturbürgermeisterin Dr. Skadi Jennicke, Gewandhausdirektor Andreas Schulz



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    • There are really too many non black, non female, non transgender composers’ works around and it’s about time that we get our chance! All those people complaining about quality issues miss the point: when those dead white males were first performed, nobody raised the quality question because the people deciding performances were comparable dead white males only they did not write the music. First we have to be heard and only afterwards we can talk about quality and the like. Someone here is saying something….. Oh yes we will know when they have become dead females, white or otherwise. So to be sure, we have to live posthumously. (I don’t know what I mean by that but you get the gist.)


      I find Boulez a quite feminine composer and I guess his sister wrote the stuff like Mendelssohn’s sister.

  • Overdue since the days when the Thomaskirche drew up an all-male shortlist for the job of Kantor in the 1720s.

  • Virtue signalling at its worst. It draws attention to the discriminatory practices against the talented male composers of this generation. Inclusion comes with the price of exclusion.

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