Wagner’s conductor shall not be moved

The Bavarian resort of Garmisch-Partenkichen has changed its mind, deciding it will keep the grave of its second most distinguished citizen after Richard Strauss.

The Parsifal premiere conductor Hermann Levi spent his last years in the town and was buried there in 1900.

His grave was desecrated by the Nazis in the 1930s and never rehabilitated since.

Last summer, the town decided it did not want the derelict grave and arranged to remove Levi’s remains to the Jewish cemetery in Munich.

But a row blew up in world media, shaming the petty burghers who have now decided to keep the grave and restore it, after all.

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  • What’s wrong? They were merely following marching orders from the Left to remove another dead white male from history.

  • Levi was by all accounts a great and versatile musician, praised for his Mozart and Rossini, one of the biggest names of his epoch (one would think any city would be proud to be his final resting place); an interesting man who tried so hard to be friendly with the Brahms/Schumann camp as well as of course with the Wagner “music of the future” side of the dispute. True, it is rather pathetic to read his attempts at a mild defense (!) of Wagner’s infamous essay on Jews in music. Eventually Brahms broke with him but then, eventually Brahms broke with just about everybody.

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