Unmissable: The Arnold Schoenberg of bluegrass

The 12-tone world will never be the same again.

‘His music always made you think/it never made you smile’.


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  • When I was in school every composition faculty and student “experimental music” opus sounded like that banjo solo.

    I was flattered to be recruited for the world premieres of these avant-garde masterpieces… until I realized that all the good trombone players had already turned them down.

  • The banjo solo would have been more effective if the ‘rhythm’ section had dropped out and not continued with the standard chord progression behind her.

  • I am really glad this track is getting some attention.

    Merle Hazzard (songwriter/singer) is truly a gifted satirist.
    He has a lot of interesting music in his catalogue

    The song’s Producer, Allison Brown, is probably one of the USA’s greatest 5 string Banjo players (I just don’t know if banjoista would be an actual word)

    She and her husband have run a record label (Compass Records) http://compassrecords.com/labels/
    for quite a while which serves a wide variety of independent artists and musical genres; especially Folk,Celtic,Appalachian and obviously Bluegrass. I saw her perform once with her band and she was totally amazing.

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