The composer that Stalin exiled for being gay

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

There were those that Stalin murdered or suppressed, those who went abroad and the few who stayed at home and kept very quiet for most of their lives. I thought I knew them all, but the New York pianist Vladimir Feltsman has put together a gallery of Soviet-era peripherals, each of whom adds a vital dimension to the Russian picture….

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  • After Stalin pianists-class of N.Igumnov, that was gay were persecuted and jailed: Shtarkman, Boris Zemlyansky who was V.Ashkenazy teacher commited suicide later. Champions of Arthur Lurie music were also Yury Bashmet, French pianist M.-C. Jeraud. Arthur Lurie had love affair with poet Anna Akhmatova.

  • Not really any different from today if you’re not from the Left and want to belong anywhere, especially a university.

    It’s in the Left DNA to censor, expel, reject, shout at and destroy.

    • “in the Left DNA to censor, expel, reject, shout at and destroy.”

      But not in that of the right?

      You regard Christianity as of the Left?

    • Er…your comments on needing to be “from the Left” to belong in university are, frankly, not just wrong but also bizarre.

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