Tasmin Little reminds us just how much we’ll miss her

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

A letter from the English violinist Tasmin Little telling me she is giving up the circuit in a couple of years when she hits 55 arrives pretty much at the same time of her latest release on Chandos, itself a fairly regular occurrence in recent years. Tasmin Little is a prolific recording artist and her programs often take a few strides off the beaten track. The latest consists of music by women …



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  • I now have this disc and have enjoyed it in its entirety; it’s a winner. Her rendition of the Amy Beach sonata is the third recorded performance of it I’ve heard — and by far the most convincing. Intensity and total conviction without excess.

  • I’m so sad over this. I can only hope she’ll still record. She’s a stunning musician. Her recent recording of the Franck (and I’ve heard almost all) is the finest. I just wish she had learnt and recorded the Malcolm Williamson “Violin Concerto.” I’m convinced it would have even surpassed the the Menuhin.

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