Sonya Yoncheva to appear at the Oscars

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  • If she had any integrity she would boycott this farcical, political-progressive, mega-rich mutual back-patting, incestuous propaganda fest.

  • Isn’t the bigger news that Dudamel and his LA Phil are also invited to the Oscars this year?

    (Who’s hosting, Dude pal Maduro? Certainly not Guaido, since Maduro took away his passport.)

    • Mercifully, orchestra members and conductors don’t actually have to speak. They do not have to share with us their narcissistic virtue signalling.

      I did love Glenn Close at those recent awards for “Wife” when she exultantly proclaimed, “without a husband there would be no Wife”!! I was thinking, “there’s gold in tham thar hills”!!

  • So… it looks like she’s going to pose for photographs on the red carpet, and then sit in the audience. Good for her.

  • Jesus this woman seriously needs some good PR. To boast you’re going to the oscars – but not to perform. The ego!! Ok I’m going to the Royal Opera House next week, but not to perform!

    • All you need to do is take a look at those preposterously gauche publicity/instagram quinceañera-style selfies to see that she has not only an ego the size of Bulgaria but the inverse amount of taste.

  • I live in a town so overgrown that it seems to be the largest small town on the planet. Thus all sorts of Hollywood people can come in here and do things they wouldn’t were there paparazzi around, although it’s still enough like a city. As if they (the ppz) would be welcome as deterrent, or would one’s life be torn apart even more!?
    It is so sordid that to go to the oscars would be even more like a boring pompous piece of regalia than it already is.
    And the exploitation was so confusing that in one post years ago I was still paranoid and had a Scheherzade-ish outburst, thinking others a bit in the limelight were into all of that. I thought Muti’s family were, but that wasn’t the case at all.
    But of course not all Hollywood people are like that, but… Just a word of advice, if you think you’re the reincarnation of someone who already died and whose life has mesmerizing themes regarding Hollywood exploitation, you might want to watch out, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, or was even serious.
    That Brad Pitt would on purpose get me to overhear him complaining that he didn’t know why “she” (who he hadn’t married or divorced yet to go on and do it with someone else, get married and divorced that is)… why “she” was mad at him; to pause and then mention that maybe she was mad at him because she knew he wanted to have sex with “Vaslav Nijinsky.” All in this poor puppy dog tone. Lets get someone, if it’s him or not, involved with more sexual intrigue, something that already tore his life apart if it was him.
    Sounds absolutely psychotic doesn’t it?
    Imagine having told people you thought you were the reincarnation of Virginia Woolf, and then try to tell your therapist (or anyone in the mental health system ready to think someone is psychotic) that Johnny Depp said he wanted to have sex with “her.” Of course that never happened because it’s symbolic of what did. It just so happens that Johnny also was into “Nijinsky.”
    And to do a gay role “big time” you still have to be straight.
    And “Vaslav Nijinsky,” is fine now, if it was me. But what about the rest if it wasn’t!?
    It’s quite amazing not to have to step into a movie theater to see such self indulgent grandiose muck.
    Is there a movie coming out about Cleopatra or Napoleon?

  • She is a good operatic singer, but I doubt that SY is invited for that reason alone. She probably has a personal connection with someone in the world of movies. In any case, I am glad that a legitimate representative of classical music will occupy a seat that would otherwise go to who knows whom.

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