Scots book French orchestra for cultural diplomacy

Just in from the Scotsman:

Nicola Sturgeon has revealed that a leading French orchestra has been invited to perform at the first Edinburgh International Festival to be staged after Brexit.

The announcement was made with festival director Fergus Linehan during a visit to French capital Paris by the First Minister.

She said the visit of the orchestra, its first to the EIF in more than 30 years, would be “the perfect example of the strong cultural links that exist between Scotland and France.”

Read on here.

Apparently, the rehearsal she attended was the Berlioz Grande Messe des morts.

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    • It takes them awhile to get around to saying it in the article (although it’s in the photo caption at the top), but eventually they do let you know it’s the Orchestre de Paris.

  • It is interesting to read the comments in The Scotsman following the article – they make we Slippediscers look rather tame!

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