Renee Fleming talks bipolar with our pal

From Zsolt Bognar:

American soprano Renée Fleming and I gave this presentation tonight in Orlando at the Lake Nona Impact Forum about mental wellness, and I played from music by Schubert.

I was asked to speak about my life with type two bipolar condition and how that has related to the music I seek out, and she spoke about how her experiences with stage fright and psychosomatic symptoms she experienced—leading to her interest in brain science, and it was a meaningful experience for me to share this all in front of this group of innovative minds from around the world, thanks to Iva Fattorini.


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  • So now this woman is also an expert on the mind, the brain, mental and emotional health? Next I imagine could be expertise in open heart and spinal surgery. Better advice from her should take the shape of how to learn to sing well without annoying affectations.

    • If there are no singers worth paying attention to (and it’s clear from your comments that if there were, Renee Fleming would not be one of them), then why are you paying attention to this one? Just curious.

    • Nowhere does it say, or imply, she is an expert or considers herself one. She shared her experiences of stage fright etc (well documented in her book) and I fail to see what you find objectionable about that. Good for her – may help someone dealing with something similar.

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