Otello first night is cancelled as tenor and soprano fall sick

Madgeburg’s new production of Verdi’s Otello failed to open last night.

Aldo Di Toro (Otello) and Raffaela Lintl (Desdemona) both called in sick and the small town had no substitutes.

Photo: © Nilz Böhme

Karen Stone, the theatre’s director, put on Bohème instead.

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  • I would not call Magdeburg a small town. The City has a population in excess of 230,000. I doubt even Covent Garden could continue on for an opening night of a new production with the Otello and Desdemona calling in sick on the day.

  • With Desdemona dressed like this, it is no wonder Otello didn’t trust her. Both Otello and Yago look like they have just come off shift driving city buses. So much for class distinctions and “looking the part”. One can only hope that singing and music at least partially compensate for what looks like yet another cheap regie effort

  • How FANTASTIC that a theatre is able to put on an entirely different piece with so little notice – and knowing this Theater, the Boheme will have been smashing.

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