Munich mourns a dedicated conductor, 89

Hans Stadlmair, who died on February 13, was artistic director of the Munich Chamber Orchestra from 1956 to 1995, conducting more than 6,000 concerts.

Among other feats, he recorded the 11 symphonies of Joachim Raff and made regular appearances at the Salzburg Festival.


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  • Stadlmair was also a composer – I have an LP of his violin concerto played by the excellent violinist Lukas David. The only time I heard Stadlmair and the Munich Chamber Orchestra Lukas David was the soloist, but in a Baroque concerto, not Stadlmair’s own. The MCO was small but produced a robust and very precise and perfectly balanced sound. My then-violin teacher snuck me into the rehearsal as well. Stadlmair was brisk and efficient: a fine musician. RIP.

  • Sorry to hear of this. His discs were played frequently on New York”s classical music radio station WQXR when I was a young buck and I was introduced to many composer’s works as a result.

  • I’m so sorry to hear this news….
    Hans Stadlmair’s recordings were played frequently on the classical radio stations of my youth: (the defunct) KKHI, (the old) KQED, and (the old) KDFC.
    There are a number of HS’ LPs in my ancient collection, and each and every one of them is well-performed and lovely. He was a real musician.
    I’m happy that he lived so long; I’m sad that he has left us.
    Bon voyage, maestro….

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