Midori socks it to the Pope

press release:

Rome, 14 February, 2019 – After performing, world-renowned violinist and UN Messenger of Peace, Midori, called on Pope Francis and other world leaders in attendance at the United Nation’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) annual meeting today to believe in the transformative power of women and girls in underserved remote communities.


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  • speaking your regular language ( you like to use it in your heads) she was a Pope’s Valentine today 😉 … Pope is known for his cultural and religious diversity, hopefully she didn’t play atonal music to them.
    PS Why isn’t her second name Lucrezia , it could be a plot for a new opera 😉

    • thank you that unknown one who put “like” to my comment. When I told about “Lucrezia” I meant that there were strong talks those days she was an illegitimate daughter of the Pope Alexander Sixth, so that was the key point to the answer of her power, wealth and influence….if not take into account her legendary beauty ( I would be an ardent advocate of the idea 😉 )

  • IFAD is headquartered in Rome, hence the Pope’s attendance. Midori’s performance is now on youtube (only 12 views at the moment,) and is quite remarkable. Her comments are not included.


    Yo-Yo Ma, Daniel Barenboim, and Lang Lang are among the 14 UN Messengers of Peace — a high representation for classical music. Pavarotti and Wynton Marsalis are former members. A little reminder of how classical music is a symbol of power for the elite, and hopefully a symbol of aspirations for higher ideals.

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