Maria João Pires comes out of retirement

She slammed down the lid not many months ago, saying she never had a good relationship with the piano, and she just wanted to get free.

A year later, she’s back:

In partnership with pianist Maria João Pires, the Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival presents her collaborative, interdisciplinary Partitura Project to be held in spring 2020.

In reaction to the hyper-competitiveness of today’s classical music world, Ms. Pires launched the Partitura Project in 2014 to promote cooperation and social engagement among pianists. Workshops have been held in countries across Europe – including Portugal, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Croatia—as well as in Japan.

Ms. Pires says: ‘I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to give this workshop at The Gilmore. In my view, the United States has for many years represented a culture where creative diversity and the pursuit of new paths are embraced. With the Partitura Project in collaboration with my colleague Milos, we have created a different approach to teaching that more fully involves everyone—engaging each participant with respect, understanding, and attention, and helping them form a richer relationship with the music and its sources. I am hoping for a great experience in which everyone can develop their talent and deepen their love for music.’


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  • In Barcelona and in Canary Islands and in Bilbao she is playing solo recitals in next dates. She plays where she gets high fees, and she said she retired to get rid of Askonas Holt management.

  • Bravo, She’s too young to retire. Horowitz was performing his best at age 85 as evidenced in his recordings and an incredible Vienna live performance. Maria’s the best in the world, welcome back!

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