Lisette Oropesa: Trump’s wall ‘is against my people’

Lisette Oropesa: Trump’s wall ‘is against my people’


norman lebrecht

February 27, 2019

The Cuban-American soprano has been speaking out on a subject close to her heart:

‘That wall is against my people. Building a wall to protect whites from Latinos is racist, of course. My family came to the United States by sea. We were refugees. Racism and actions against immigration both in the United States and in Europe are incomprehensible. I think it’s important that immigrants arrive in developed countries; they represent, in many cases, the future because … with their effort and taxes they contribute in a crucial way to the wealth of the countries to which they emigrate. They are culture, ideas and wealth. Closing borders like that is crazy….

Ese muro va en contra de mi gente. Construir un muro para proteger a los blancos de los latinos es racista, por supuesto. Mi familia llegó a Estados Unidos por mar. Fuimos refugiados. El racismo y las actuaciones en contra de la inmigración tanto en Estados Unidos como en Europa son incomprensibles. Creo que es importante que lleguen inmigrantes a los países desarrollados; ellos significan, en muchos casos, el futuro por cuestiones de natalidad y porque con su esfuerzo e impuestos contribuyen de una manera crucial a la riqueza de los países a los que emigran. Ellos son Cultura, ideas y riqueza. Cerrar las fronteras de esa manera es una locura.

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  • Michaela says:

    And of course the posted picture is more than 10years old!!! Jesus

    • Tiredofitall says:

      You had nothing insightful to say about Ms. Oropesa’s thoughtful statement? Do you only like pictures??

      • What did you find at All thoughtful about it. All I read was a divisive political rant.

      • Petros Linardos says:

        Trump’s rhetoric and actions on immigration are despicable at many levels. That said, Ms. Oropesa’s comments are too generic.

        • David H Spence says:

          You’re absolutely right they could be more specific, sticking it for instance to just about the biggest brown-noser of all, a Cuban-American himself, Ted Cruz, who seems to be just fine with all that is going on. At least Lisette has made it part of the way in speaking up.

      • jerry says:

        Ms. Oropesa’s comment wasn’t thoughtful, it was shallow, reactionary and ignorant.

  • Nick says:

    And of course America is only white?
    Vocalists should ONLY sing (if they can) and not barge into politics!

    • Larry W says:

      And Mexico is only sending criminals, drug dealers, and rapists? Of course.

      • Bruce says:

        Some of them, I assume, are good people.

      • Nick says:

        But not only medicore singers. In any event, criminals of all sorts outnumber artists by an enormous percentage!! So, Larry, just keep it to yourself because we all know that! There is nothing racist about protecting your country!

    • Mark Atwood says:

      Anonymous commenters should have nothing to say about politics. She was the one being interviewed so her experiences are clearly more important to people than yours. She put her name and her face to a deep issue. Who are you?

  • Named Fish says:

    Is there a reason the NL keeps using an ancient photo of Lisette Oropesa when there are hundreds of others that show an accurate, current representation of her? Or does he just want to be a colossal ass?

  • The T says:

    The wall is not meant to protect whites from Latinos. The intent, whether you agree or not, is simply to attempt to stop the flow of illegal border crossings.

    Do you lock your doors at night? Do you lock your car door when you park it? You do. And you do so to attempt to stop the illegal entry of unknown persons into your home and property.

    • Petros Linardos says:

      Illegal border crossings do not presently constitute a crisis to justify extraordinary measures. Since 2010 the number of illegal border crossings has been relatively stable. They have been around 400,000 annually, about 25$ of their most recent peak, in 2000.

      Nicholas Kristof recently wrote a thought provoking article about far more cost effective ways to spend the “wall money”.

      • Sue Sonata Form says:

        It’s not the NUMBERS but the principle and the rule of law. A difficult concept, I know, but for some people principle and rule of law still count for something. The people for whom it counts voted for Trump because nobody else cared.

        Maybe people are sick to the death of the ‘anything goes’ society.

        • Petros Linardos says:

          Numbers count, when it comes to prioritizing governmental expenses. While I lock my doors, I am not going to overspend on a wall around my house at the expense of my childrens’ education and healthcare.

          • The T says:

            In the United States, at least as of the time of this post, the federal government is not responsible for my health care. My property taxes pay for the education of children. I way these willingly even though I have no children in the school system. It is the responsibility of the federal government to protect the sovereignty of the nation.

          • Petros Linardos says:

            What facts support any concern about the sovereignty of the nation being under threat from illegal border crossings? And what facts support that a wall is an effective measure? My understanding is that the majority of illegal immigrants enter the country legally and overstay their permits.

            The healthcare system is subsidized by the government, but not adequately.

            US healthcare and education are just two of many other major problems in the US, that are of far greater magnitude than border security.

        • The T says:

          Brava, Sue.

        • Petros LInardos says:

          Crime rates have sharply declined in the past quarter century, while incarceration rates have sored.

          • The T says:

            I would love to know what point you are making, relative to the original post? At what point did I reference crime?

            Truth be told, entering the United States in an unauthorized manner IS a crime. I believe this is true of other nations. So, if you want to spout statistics, be sure they are relevant to the conversation at hand.

            I know that the vast majority of people seeking entry into the United States are good people, however, there is a legal and proper method for entry. Period.

          • Petros Linardos says:

            The facts I posted about falling crime and soaring incarceration were in response to Sue’s comment about nobody caring for law an order before Trump.

            Of course border security and immigration control is a serious responsibility of the government. I know first hand because I was thoroughly vetted, first as a legal permanent resident, then as a citizen (they rightly concluded I am good boy!).

            My disagreement is about the border crisis myth or the myth that a wall will be money well spent.

      • jerry says:

        The population of the 3rd world is exploding and going to double in 50 years. The populations of 1st world countries is stable or declining, which is a good thing for the environment and economies (no matter what right wing capitalists try to tell you). Africa and the Muslim world have the highest birth rates, Kenya alone will have a billion people in 50 years. When European countries temporarily suspended immigration rules and allowed Muslims and Africa to migrate they were swamped with millions of mostly young male migrants demanding citizenship, countries like Sweden and Germany are still reeling from the impact of this mass importation of young males into society.
        THAT’S why we have rules, if you don’t have them you get primitive 3rd world cultures that practice polygamy and female infanticide exporting their surplus young males to the West. This cannot happen to anymore Western countries so controls need to stay in place and even increased with far more stringent rules. That’s reality, the world isn’t some fairytale like you would like to believe.

        • Viola da Bracchio says:

          [[ THAT’S why we have rules, if you don’t have them you get primitive 3rd world cultures that practice polygamy and female infanticide ]]

          Who told you that, Jerry? Gavin McInnes?