Laura Bretan is out of Eurovision

Laura Bretan is out of Eurovision


norman lebrecht

February 20, 2019

The Nessun Dorma-singing finalist of America’s Got Talent has got turned down as Romania’s representative in the next Eurovision.

She reportedly won the public vote, but the judges overruled the mass verdict.

On this evidence, they were not wrong.

Take care of your children’s voices.


  • Jane White says:

    The Romanian winner is not nearly as talented as Laura Bretan… and the performances showed it… that’s why the people chose Laura… “politicians” have once again overruled the people… this MUST END!!!!

  • Matija says:

    This girl does not need eurovision competitions. Its value has been proven at much stronger competitions, she has a heavenly voice !

  • colin griffiths says:

    “On this evidence, they were not wrong.”

    The public, or the judges?

  • Dan says:

    Rumor says it’s because of her support in a video for the very conservative Family Coalition and their anti-LGBT campaign. Has she already adopted such a strong opinion at the age of 16? I doubt it.

  • Stephany says:

    The judges voted against Romania, due to they have interests on someone else.
    Laura is the best, she had real chances to be the winner and she had to be removed from competition, that is what the judges did!

  • Chris says:

    The rabid, sick, and perverted disease of leftism has infiltrated Romania. This poor girl could have won Eurovision for Romania for the first time in history, but they had to destroy her because she believes a male and a female are the proper mating partners. (proven by science). This world is going crazy.

    • bob says:

      whether you are pro or con on the subject, that should not be the reason to eliminate someone on their beliefs. judging should be on talent alone

  • Elina says:

    If you don’t know, don’t talk! The real reason, was other .
    You make same research, and after you can write, bullshit.

  • Julia says:

    sadly, those with the faith to move mountains often have their reigns shortened. Laura is magnificent and firmly knows who but for the grace goes she

  • sf says:

    the judges were out of their minds she is a brilliant singer

  • Kelley says:

    Two gay judges who praised her to the max and said the other gal was “boring” got torqued when she opposed gay marriage in Romania. So they gave her a 10 out of 25 points to make sure she lost. The judges’ votes comprise 85% of the tally. They then praised the boring singer, giving her 25 points.

  • Erwin says:

    In the jury where two man of wiwiblogs not (from Romenia) , who first loved her song, but when they hear the catholic child was for normal marriages, They give her very low points. Although she won by far the public vote, she ended second. So it was politics and not talent or a beautiful song that was important.

    • MT says:

      I agree, with one correction. Laura Bretan is Pentecostal, not Roman Catholic. Pentecostals are persecuted even more by gender and sexual deviants simply because of their belief and faithfulness to Biblical scripture.

  • Maria Comsa says:

    She is fantastic ! Her place to Eurovision was stolen from her!
    Shame to the judges that disrespected the Romanian people’s vote! Why? Because her believes and family values?
    Because the so called “professional sopranos “ were afraid of competition? We live in a sad and superficial world, no values and no morals!

  • Rick Montoya says:

    LGBQT is ruining the entertainment industry. Nobody is allowed to have principals anymore. Laura is true talent. She doesn’t need these bias pathetic shows. Laura you’re amazing keep singing the public loves you. I’m a fan ❤

  • Wallace godwin says:

    They do not deserve her Beautiful Voice

  • Olivia Heflin says:

    In Laura is the Spirit of God. Her Faith is seen in her speaking out against same-sex marriage. Would that more people lived this Christian teaching from the Old Testament. I pray regularly that she can withstand the assaults of this wicked world and glorify the Triune God with the gift he He has given her.