Just in: Berlin replaces Barrie Kosky

Just in: Berlin replaces Barrie Kosky


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2019

Hours after the Australian intendant announced he would not renew his contract at the Komische Opera past 2022, the company has named his successors.

The present managing director Susanne Moser will share the role with opera director Philip Bröking.

That’s continuity.



  • Bobby says:

    Broeking better know as “the Pitbull” from the HOMOKI TEAM..because he has no soul and could fire people without a care.. who knows nothing about opera , nothing about voices and is one of those who pitbulled his way to the top … in his own words ” that’s show business! “

  • Max Grimm says:

    For clarity’s sake Norman, it should be pointed out that Kosky isn’t leaving the Komische Oper, his job is being redefined.
    From 2022 on he will relinquish the administrative/bureaucratic side of his current job as Intendant and while retaining all of his artistic responsibilities under the title of “Hausregisseur” (resident director) until 2027.
    This 5 year time period also corresponds with the forecast renovation period of the Komische Oper and Kosky had in the past expressed apprehension about being “at the helm” of the company during that time (especially after having witnessed the renovation-debacle at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden).
    As for what happens after 2027, we shall see.

    • Lausitzer says:

      Kosky had also expressed the opinion that having to leave the building during the renovation would be the “deathblow” for the company. To no avail, they have to leave. And he is not alone in fearing that in the worst case Komische Oper will not come through a Schillertheater exile of five years plus x (does anyone really expect the renovation to be carried out in time?).

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Every time I see a picture of Kosky with rings on every finger and hear about his regietheater productions I think the Komische Oper has really missed a golden opportunity for more comedy (parody and farce actually)!!