Judge cracks heads in Levine vs Met

The judge in the suit and counter-suit of James Levine and the Metropolitan Opera has ordered both parties this week to agree by the end of next month whom they intend to depose.

They were meant to deliver the names by the end of November and the judge, judging by her notes published on the court website, is getting impatient. She has given two deadlines, March 15 and March 26 for the two sides to declare.

After that, it’s up to the judge to decide whether the case goes to jury trial.

Meanwhile, the costs are mounting.

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  • I can’t imagine that either side wants this getting as far as discovery and depositions.

    Levine’s deposition is not going to do him any favors, and who knows what former assistances and Met employees might say about him.

    For the Met, employee emails about this matter are likely going to paint an extremely unfavorable picture of management and the board.

    But at this point, Levine doesn’t have much left to lose and he could just want to burn the Met down, no matter what new details might emerge about him.

    • All valid points, indeed!
      But isn’t so disgusting – the whole thing!
      Reminds of that Chicago (the musical) line…
      ” whatever happened to claaaaaaas”!
      They sure don’t have any of it there!

  • It was my understanding that initially the judge wanted the parties to agree on whom to depose by the end of August and to have the depositions FINISHED by the end of November.
    We’ll see what happens

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