Jonas Kaufmann: My miserable diet

As told to the Austrian blogsite,

 FALSTAFF: Wenn Sie am Abend eine Vorstellung haben – wie läuft Ihr kulinarischer Tag ab? Anders als an »normalen« Tagen?
Jonas Kaufmann: Ja, ich schlafe lange und frühstücke spät. Und dann wie immer Obst, Müsli und sehr viel Espresso. Entsprechend verschiebt sich das Mittagessen auf drei, halb vier Uhr, da gibt es meistens Pasta, Bolognese oder Amatriciana. Das ist für mich ideal, weil die Energie lange anhält. Nach der Vorstellung gibt’s meist ein leider sehr spätes Abendessen, da wird jeder Arzt die Hände über dem Kopf zusammenschlagen, aber das kann man in dem Beruf halt nicht ändern.

Falstaff: On a performance evening, how is your culinary day? Different from ‘normal’ days?
Jonas Kaufmann: Yes, I sleep late and have breakfast late. Then, as always, fruit, cereal and a lot of espresso. Lunch shifts to three, three-thirty. That is mostly pasta, Bolognese or Amatriciana. That is ideal for me because the energy is long lasting. After the show, there is usually, sadly, a very late supper – most doctors would be appalled – but that can’t be changed in this profession.

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    • No I supposed not,
      to begin with, the life of an opera singer isn’t just tralala and boomty boom

      Understandable why Elly Ameling didn’t go that way despite such:


      As if she already hadn’t been through enough, for all I know, having asked Jesus Disciple John TWICE through a medium, whether Elli was at the “cross,” and John said TWICE that same thing, that she was (or is) Klopas wife.

      TWICE he says that.

      I supposed there’s a whole other row of them all lined up, disciples that is.

  • Needs to look at a healthy keto intermittent fasting diet, lo carb no sugar…..will find all the energy he feels he needs.

  • That’s an old picture of him. He has gained too much weight in the past 6-7 years. He should give up that late supper. Eating too much late is one of the worst things a person can do.

  • Boah, how did I life until now without this really fascinating information? Will I learn next week what kind of toothbrush JK uses? And does he do the toothbrusing by hand or with an electric device?

    • He uses two tooth brushes at the same time, in order to get to bed earlier from being up so late. He must have studied juggling, come to think of it.

      I don’t know why Norman doesn’t include the scoop about JK’s juggling past. Or has the INTERNET gotten to him? And did it get to Norman or JK?

  • Reminds me of an interview several years ago given by Philippe jordan to Manuel Brug, in Berlin. Being a performing artists very much goes against one’s biological clock. As for Munich: it is the well known tale that Hans Knappertsbusch would leave the pit and opera house very fast after the last bar and curtain, and sit down for his meal at restaurant Walterspiel at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten nextdoor, while the audience was still applauding…

    • Hopefully not chicken in garlic sauce or wilde potatoes with aioli. 😉
      These are some of my favourite dishes, but I don’t think JK’s partners would enjoy the garlic smell .;)

  • Pasta not a good idea before an opera. I just gives you wind. If the sauce has garlic, its like a Mustard gas attack at Ypres.

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