Biz blues: IMG owner is ‘a major player in the social media game’

Biz blues: IMG owner is ‘a major player in the social media game’


norman lebrecht

February 26, 2019

Barrett Wissman, the IMG Artists co-owner who has a conviction for fraud, has planted an article in the Chicago Tribune written by a ‘community contributor’ and detailing his ambitions to be a global influencer.

Here’s a (sour) taster:

More recently, Wissman partnered with Robert Earl to develop Two Pillar Management in the influencer marketing and representation business.

Two Pillar has now become a major player in the social media game, which Wissman characterizes as an extension of the his career advising live-attraction performers and other content creators seeking to establish aspirational lifestyle brands. Their list is impressive, representing talent with more than 100 million followers. It includes lifestyle adventurist Jay Alvarrez, actress Bella Thorne, lifestyle guru Sazan Hendrix, actor and social media wiz Jace Norman and Instagram star and You Tube vlogger Chance Sutton to name a few on the roster….

Barrett Wissman told me up until this point in time, influencers have been largely seen as the new pitchmen for companies, products and services. His feeling however is that unlike most traditional celebrities, they have a far greater opportunity in the role of entrepreneur. Many traditional celebrities are seen by their fans as untouchable icons; social media stars are their followers’ friends, cohorts and contemporaries. Wissman said: “this is an untapped market and it is our responsibility to open this world up to our clients. We are here to advise them on how to build their overall brands as celebrities, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. We are only at the beginning stages of this next evolution.”



  • Simon says:

    The major agencies, CAA, WMA, UTA, etc are way ahead of him so this, like everything else Barrett does, is ridiculous.

  • Hanna Nahan says:

    I fail to understand a single word of this, or indeed its relevance to this site?

  • Cyril says:

    Just the words “content creator” and “lifestyle adventurist” bring on the need for a shower.