David Daniels surenders his passport

David Daniels surenders his passport


norman lebrecht

February 13, 2019

The countertenor and his husband, Scott Walters, made their first appearance at a Texas court on Monday to face charges of sexual assault, which they deny.

The pair were freed on $15,000 and ordered to surrender their passports, pending trial.



  • Bruce says:


  • Doug says:

    No passport? Chez Dumonet sheds a tear.

  • Jason Cantanaro says:

    Since David Daniels is caught up,along with the U. of Michigan, in a federal lawsuit for sexual harrassment as well as the Houston criminal rape case, why does the U. of Michigan keep him on their faculty? Their website says he is on “administrative leave”.
    How much more of Daniels’ sordid and perverse behavior does the university have to learn of before they permanently terminate him?
    If I were the parent of a male voice student there, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near Daniels.

    • Karl says:

      He’s tenured. And innocent until proven guilty. You will be glad for that innocent until proven guilty principal if you are ever falsely accused.

      False allegations happen more often than people like to think. There have a been a few high profile rape cases in my local area in the past few years and they all turned out to be false accusations. One was a sex for rent deal, another was sex for drugs, and another was a teenage girl who didn’t like her mother’s new boyfriend. One of the accusers in a case even admitted to perjury.

      The number of false accusations I have seen both locally and nationally has made me an advocate of keeping both the accuser and accused identity’s anonymous unless someone is proven guilty and loses all appeals. Even if someone wins in court no one wins the trial by media circus.

    • Bill says:

      If he’s actually convicted, I expect they will terminate him. But we are hardly at that point yet, are we? The fact-finding exercise (the trial) has yet to take place.

    • HRV465 says:

      It is no easy feat to become a tenured professor at a Music School; nor is it easy to be one of the leading counter-tenors of the world if not THE leading counter-tenor. What if what this man in TX and man in MI are claiming they did is completely wrong? What if there is no hard or substantial evidence? Can’t it ride out to be innocent until proven guilty – let the courts rule? But I think it is correct that UofM seemingly is waiting to see what happens in court.

    • Bruce says:

      As long as they can still use the word “allegedly.”

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Er…he is suspended until the process is complete. He will be fired if he is found guilty in the criminal trial. If he is not found guilty, then there is the possibility of an internal disciplinary hearing (it will not be convened before the criminal process has ended). But someone can not be arbitrarily fired just because some people think he is “a sleaze-bag”.