Daniele Gatti’s teaching summer camp

The dismissed former music director of the Concertgebouw is giving mastercalsses at this summer’s Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy.

He has also been rehabilitated as music director of Opera di Roma.

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  • It is such a pity there is no more of the “old” Accademia Chigiana. Gianluigi Gelmetti was a superb teacher, and Chigiana was actually the only one reasonable conducting masterclass in the Europe… Proffesional orchestra twice a day for 5 weeks! Not anymore…

    • such an horrible teacher and conductor, I saw a couple of times his masterclass… Big ego, no technique at all and musically even worse. Nothing to do with the great Franco Ferrara. At least Gatti has great technical skills…

      • We may disagree about GG, but there is more what i wrote about Chigiana. Now is only 10 days, very narrow repertoire and no professional orchestra.

        And speaking of GG teaching skills, I can agree that he may be hated… But as former pupil, who saw a little of his skills – on the masterclass, rehearsal as well as concert, he Is an amazing conductor and teacher. Just watch his Barbiere from Teatro Real.

      • I remember a fight breaking out in the orchestra pit when he was conductor at Rome Opera. Most of the musicians ignored him or looked bored. It was a memorable production but only for the fight.

  • It’s important to transmit knowledge from one generation to the next: how to flirt with underlings, how to deal management when caught, how to sue former employers, how to ingratiate oneself with Roman politicians in order to get an appointment…. All necessary skills for a successful international career

  • Good news about Daniele Gatti:

    He will conduct the Staatskapelle Dresden in September 2019 (Mahler 5th), The Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra from 29 December 2019 through 1January 2220 (4 x Beethoven 9th) and on 13/14 February 2220 (Schostakovitsch 5th) as well as the Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester on 18 May 2021 in the Leipzig Gewandhaus (Mahler 10th).

    As one of his Dutch admirers I wish him a success with the concerts.

    Hans Grootenhuijs

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