Montana conductor resigns over misconduct allegations

Matthew Savery has resigned as music director of the Bozeman Symphony, in southern Montana, amid allegations of staff bullying and harassment.

He was due to celebrate 25 years in the post later this year.


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  • Sure am glad Reiner isn’t about in these days of the cultural equivalent of soviet salt mines. It becomes more terrifying, not less so, when authoritarians are in charge.

  • How many feeble minded sheep will downvote me for reminding readers here that “sociopath” is part of a conductor’s job description? Baa! Baa! Downvote now, little ungulate.

  • Competent leaders don’t need to bully and harass.

    I’ve played under real leaders. They never had to raise their voice even once to get everyone on board and doing what needed to be done.

    It is almost like a magical power of mind control.

    The shouters and screamers are never as effective as the ones who make you *eager* to follow them.

    • Not everyone understands the difference between fear and respect. Of those who do, not all of them care. Some prefer to be feared.

    • Yes you are right but….most real leaders also know how to be tough, and to assert their authority, when it is needed. [And, no, that does not means shouting and screaming abuse at underlings.]

  • Google the cello player+boobs. Pinterest, et al. Been doing it since she was 17? Does she play with decorum, or straight from Happy Hour at Hooter’s?

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