Boston’s principal oboe welcomes daughter into the orchestra

From John Ferrillo:

I don’t want to go all Facebook on you all, but I simply must share a great joy. Monday, my daughter, Mary, won a position in the viola section of the Boston Symphony.

It would be hard to overstate what a difficult task this is today. Many of you my friends, students and colleagues- have traveled this same, sweat and tear stained path. Besides representing countless hours of hard work, it is a stroke of amazing, grace filled, good fortune. It is also a tribute to Mary’s great heart, character and love of music.

It was Mary’s 22nd audition- her third for the BSO. She had been in 6 previous finals with 5 orchestras. She played three rounds Monday over a twelve hour period. They were screened until the very end, when they had a chamber music trial with four of my colleagues.

The outpouring of affection and support from the orchestra has warmed our hearts.

An interesting parallel- I was exactly- within one month- her age when I won my first orchestra job in San Francisco and it was my 22nd audition as well.

She gets her talent from her mother.

And to you, my students- know how intensely I want this happiness to be yours, as well, in your careers.



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  • What a beautifully written article. Congratulations to you as the very proud dad and to your daughter and her wonderful accomplishment after what she went through to HONESTLY achieve this position with the BSO. Unfortunately, not all positions in orchestras, conservatories, etc, are honestly won, so very sad for the other applicants.

  • As a mother of a musician, i feel your joy! How lovely indeed to be able to perform with your daughter, a dream come true for both of you. Looking forward to hearing you both soon.

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