Baltimore, seeking cuts, fills 4 seats

The Baltimore Symphony, which is demanding a cut in the musicians’ contract from 52 weeks to 40, has hired three new violinists and an assistant principal flute. Christine Murphy has already started in the job.

The violinists are eremías Sergiani-Velázquez, Chelsea Kim and Agnes Tse.

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  • Some balance after recent departures. But the musicians are still playing without a contract.

    Interesting observation at last night’s concert: the current BSO program book has more photos of Peter Kjome, the “President,” than of Marin Alsop. And no longer the back-page personality feature on a member of the orchestra.

    • It’s important at times like this for the orchestra management to send every possible message to the public reminding them of what (and who) is truly important.

      • As one intendant was overheard saying:

        “if it wasn’t for us, no one would market the orchestra and come here them so we are more valuable.”

  • For shame. Adding musicians to a section, while neglecting to hire even one Principal Harp. They are not a real orchestra.

    • So would it be more of a real orchestra if they kept their orchestra members in their 70s and had subs play with them? These hires were very much welcomed by the orchestra.

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