At last, every piano lover’s Yuja Wang doll

At last, every piano lover’s Yuja Wang doll


norman lebrecht

February 03, 2019

Irony is dead.

Humour, too?


  • Caravaggio says:

    If this is for real it is not surprising considering the way things are going in general: down the pipes.

  • Christopher Storey says:

    Whatever next ???

    Winifred Attwell ?????

  • Arryn says:

    You might notice the Igudesman & Joo badge in the corner…

    • Brettermeier says:

      “You might notice the Igudesman & Joo badge in the corner…”

      I admire your confidence in people.

    • MWnyc says:

      The second I saw the headline I figured those two were behind it.

      Weren’t they the ones who (with Yuja) did a bit about the mechanical Yuja Wang doll that had a Lang Lang setting?

  • Rustier spoon says:


  • anon says:

    Does she come in different costumes or do I have to buy my own? I mean, it’s for my niece, you know.

    No, I’m waiting for the Lang Lang doll.

  • Ben says:

    Why am I not feeling surprised…..


  • Caravaggio says:

    The inflatable Jonas Kaufmann doll can’t be far behind.

    • Bill says:

      They are having problems keeping it inflated. The jeans are stylish, but air leaks out through the holes 🙂

    • Art says:

      The production of that item was cancelled.

    • Tamino says:

      We are sorry about the delay. After the recent Elbphilharmonie incident, the design is undergoing a last minute change. The final version will have two faces, a second face pointing backward, for the new concert halls that all the vanity ridden Maestros want.

      We are still brainstorming about catchy marketing slogans.
      What do you think about:

      “If it’s a Toyota, it got to be a hybrid!”


      “There are no bad seats.”
      (Small print: …if singers with faces on both sides are used.)

  • Joel Stein says:

    I do have a Bartok bobble head!

  • Enquiring Mind says:

    Is the doll life size?

  • Gary says:

    Just like the Misty Copeland doll. Now young Asian girls can identify

  • Jack says:

    I’m not seeing this anywhere on the Internet. Might you all have been pranked? Links anyone?

  • Stephen Owades says:

    For those who haven’t seen Yuja Wang’s collaborations with Igudesman & Joo, here’s a YouTube clip of the “Yuja Wang Clone.”

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Is Faure’s “Dolly Suite” on her next program? Or “Hello Dolly”? Or “How Much is that Dolly in the Window”? Just asking.

  • Garry Humphreys says:

    But what does it DO?

  • Stop says:

    The doll is stupid take it away