Young maestro wants to be a ballet dancer

AskonasHolt have signed Marc Leroy-Calatayud, assistant conductor at Bordeaux, for general management.

Apparently, he’s a secret ballet freak:

‘The first time I entered the ballet studio in Bordeaux it was really a shock: it’s a very different universe with different words, different ways of working and different mentalities too. It was also a time when I didn’t really like the posture I had when I was conducting: I was very tense with very high shoulders. So I thought this would be a good way of learning a lot of things about ballet and how you should conduct it, and also improving my posture. I have private lessons very early in the morning when the studio is free. I really love it!’

Looks like it could be his usp.


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    • I’m not sure freak here is to be taken pejoratively. However, he never stated he wanted to became a ballet dancer. The title as with many over here, is misleading.

    • Calling someone a “________ freak” is a common usage that simply means “enthusiast,” or, maybe, “really enthusiastic enthusiast.” He’s not calling him an actual freak.

    • Very few dancers are actually balletomanes. They are often not that interested in what other companies and other dancers are up to.

  • I don’t read anything that indicates he wants to be a dancer. Besides indulging whatever love he might have for ballet, he’s using its physical discipline as a means relaxing tension in his upper body. A lot of conductors have done the same thing using Alexander technique, yoga, etc.

  • Clearly some people posting comments don’t understand the use of the word “freak” in this context. As for interpreting the headline literally, relax, get over it and appreciate its only a journalist’s way of grabbing your attention.

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