Where’s Kirill? Taking on the German youth orchestra

Kirill Petrenko, incoming chief of the Berlin Philharmonic, is spending the next week with the Bundesjugendorchester, which is going into its 50th season.

Good piece of public service.

Also good to cast his eye over potential recruits for the Berlin Phil.


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  • Indeed. Though while I’m sure many of the BPO’s German members have played in this orchestra, very few of them are likely to end up there. Though they probably feed into other German orchestras.

    Need one remind Norman that in Berlin the music director has the same voting power as any player in auditions?

  • It should be remembered, of course, that the Music Director of the Berlin Philharmonic has essentially nothing to say about the hiring and termination of members of the orchestra.

  • He does have a current job, you know. It is just as prestigious as the next one and he holds it through August of 2020.

  • I should say: Lucky musicians. I love watching/hearing Petrenko, in part because I always get the sense that while he’s guiding everything and knows what he’s doing, it’s still very much a collaborative effort, and it’s about making great music.

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