What should I wear on my record sleeve?

What should I wear on my record sleeve?


norman lebrecht

January 31, 2019

Meet the Belgian pianist Liebrecht (no relation) Vanbeckevoort.

He has a Liszt album out on Etcetera and has dressed for it with evident care and attention.


Let’s see…  he’s wearing a checked blue and yellow suit, slightly pinched at the waist.

Matching blue shoes.

Bow-tie, sort of blue. White shirt.

Someone must have thought this was a terrific cover.



  • Roberto Dingaling says:

    The suit may be all he has going for him given the number or Liszt CDs already in the catalog. But I find it more appropriate then the fleshpots of You-jar and Kat-ear.

  • Dave T says:

    Actually, for Liszt it’s just about right.

  • Peter says:

    And now, listen to the music.

  • Jan Neckers says:

    As they said about Caruso, he’s a snappy dresser. Anyway my fellow-Fleming will be happy with the interest shown in his outfit. All bits help to get some atttention in a crowded field; especially now as next week he starts a CD-release tour.

  • msc says:

    I rather like the outfit, and at least it is a suit and tie. I do not quite understand the point of the comment…. Is your fashion taste really news, Mr. Lebrecht?

  • Bruce says:

    Terrible choice of outfit. You can’t even see his tits!

    Seriously though, to me it bespeaks a certain flair for snappy dressing, and he’s clearly not afraid to wink at convention.

  • BrianB says:

    I love it. It accords perfectly with the meretriciousness of Liszt’s music.

  • As Liberace once said, “… it’s so they can see me from the balcony.”