US boutique agency cuts back to two artists

US boutique agency cuts back to two artists


norman lebrecht

January 15, 2019

San Francisco-based Seldy Cramer has pruned her small list back to just the Takacs Quartet and the conductor Carlos Kalmar.

Of the remaining artists, the Canadian pianist Louis Lortie has found representation with Jenny Vogel at Opus 3, violinist Karen Gomyo is with Linda Marder at CM Artists, while conductor Larry Rachleff and French pianist Jean-Philippe Collard can be contacted at their own websites.

Here’s Seldy’s statement:

About 4 months ago, I informed the artists on my roster that as of January, 2019, I will only manage the TAKACS QUARTET and CARLOS KALMAR.  I’ve done this work   continuously for 43 years (no time off even when my children were born!). It has been challenging, fun and rewarding.  This is a huge decision for me but I think it is the right decision.    My office WILL be contracting and servicing all artist engagements booked by me from now through the 2019-2020 season, but you will be hearing from new managers starting on January 1, 2019 about all future bookings, mainly for the 20/21 season and beyond.   Here is information for you:

I have loved managing KAREN GOMYO.  Her career is coming along brilliantly. She will be managed as of January 1, 2019 by the incomparable and excellent LINDA MARDER.  I am thrilled about this.  Linda and I were business partners for 6 years and so I know first hand just how fabulous Linda is as a manager.  She is just what Karen needs now, and I’m sure you will be hearing from her soon about Karen in 20/21. Her email is and her phone number in New York is 212-864-1005.  Linda will handle North America for Karen, and Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand will be handled by Etta Morgan at Askonas-Holt:

Since almost the beginning of my career, I have managed LOUIS LORTIE.  We’ve been through so much together – what a great artist he is. He will always be a close friend.  I am very happy to tell you that the great JENNY VOGEL of Opus 3 Artists, will be, as of January 1, managing Louis in North and South America, Australia/New Zealand and Asia.  She is SO good at what she does.  We all know this.  You will be hearing from her about Louis!   Her email is and her phone number in Los Angeles is 323-954-1776.  Victoria Rowsell is Louis’ manager for Europe:

 The legendary JEAN-PHILIPPE COLLARD can be reached through his Paris office: Brigitte Pellott:

 LARRY RACHLEFF will go back to managing himself.  He was VERY good at this before he came to me…sometimes I think he was more effective managing himself than I ever was managing him!  His email is and his phone number is: 713-206-7070.

 You will be hearing from me to finish negotiating all 2019/2020 engagements, and from me and my new assistant, Ray Capiral, about all servicing matters related to the rest of the 2018/19 season and all of the 2019/20 engagements that I have booked.

 Thanks for all the fun we’ve had over all these years.



  • Doug says:

    As long as Lortie gives up on the idea that he can conduct an orchestra, everything will be fine.