US bass-baritone gets to run an opera house

Wichita Grand Opera has appointed Alan Held as its artistic director, effective immediately.

Held, 59, has sung leading roles at all the world’s major opera houses.

This will be an interesting challenge.

More here.

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  • Mr.Held will do an outstanding job in is newest role as artistic director. He brought the highest level of artistry and integrity to every role he touched during his lengthy career. A finer gentleman and colleague you would be hard pressed to find. Wichita Grand Opera has made a very smart move.

  • He sang as Donner at the Met in 1990, the RING that was broadcast on PBS. Very competent singer, more than adequate in the small role.

  • Hey Wichita State U! What’s with this “Associate Professor of Voice at Wichita State University” stuff. Get on the ball! If ever there was a person who has earned a full professorship, it is Alan Held. His professorship would be an honor for the school, so let’s do what’s right and award this remarkable man the academic title that he has earned and deserves.

  • I certainly wish him luck and success, but when the CEO and artistic director of an opera company are different people, conflict is usually the result.

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