International quartet has a new violinist

The UK-based Brodsky Quartet has let it be known that Daniel Rowland is leaving after 12 years to pursue a solo career.

His successor is Gina McCormack.

That makes the gender ratio 2/2.


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  • Thank goodness the gender ratio is equal! The music will be so much better for it! Maybe a trans person will be able to join them and truly bring this musicmaking to an epic level!

  • Does it really matter, this proportion ? I find this and the previous posting about gender of quartets quite ridiculous.

    • I think you will find Bone’s posting to be ironic if not sarcastic. Anyway, in a mere quartet you can’t accommodate all the grievances.

  • I realise that other comments are ironic, but it makes me wonder…. Has there ever been a problem with all male or all female quartets ? Do they actually make a different sound ? Do audiences prefer one over another ? I’d be fascinated if there is evidence on this ?

    Since string quartets (etc) are self organising, does the gender ratio actually tell us anything other than that a particular group work well together ? Presumably all male, all female, or mixed groups are not denying opportunities to either gender since there is no constraint on the number and gender mix of quartets that can choose to form (and compete with each other for audiences). And they all compete in the same space, with gender not being a factor in their performance.

  • I am sure Gina was booked on account of her playing ability. This whole argument about equality gets really silly when applied to a string quartet, and rightly invites humorous response.

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