Papageno’s song with real live birds

Watch here.

Or click here if it doesn’t play in your territory.

Bird Song Opera from ShakeUp music & sound design on Vimeo.


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  • When The Magic Flute is conducted by Sir Antonio Pappano, then – and only then – the bird catcher’s name becomes Pappageno.

  • As a singer (soprano) and as one who has accompanied a complete production of Magic Flute on the piano (phew!), AND as an avid birder, I found myself simultaneously hearing the voices, following the score in my imagination, and identifying the birds as they appeared and sang. Wowza! Such fun.

    Glad to see the performers credited at the end, but I couldn’t find any credits for the many videographers whose work was used, not even on the creators’ website. I can’t imagine that the creator went around the world to film all those birds singing on territory.

    Still, lovely.

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