Next, a stage musical with surtitles

The long-running French musical Notre Dame de Paris has reopened in London despite proving one of the all-time flops in 2000.

The difference? It is being sung in French, with English surtitles.

Read here.

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  • I recall this trash the first time around. If my memory serves me it had click tracked prerecorded music (a travesty that the MU allowed this – they traded that for a set of string chamber musicians playing in the foyer!!!!!)
    It didn’t change key for over 10 minutes and the main “theme” which was trite was repeated ad naseum.
    Who’s bank rolling this stuff?

  • It was a huge hit in France…and considering London has, or certainly had a French population of around 400,000, maybe they are their target audience.

  • I don’t like the show but I am not sure a 17 month run at a huge theatre would be called an all-time flop but then as we know Norman never lets facts get in the way of hyperbole.

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