Horror as two cellos are thrown off German train

There was consternation on board the regional express from Büchen to Hamburg when a man, apparently drunk, pulled a knife and started throwing items of luggage onto the track.

Among the objects ejected were two cellos and a viola.

The perpetrator, 36, was later arrested.

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    • Yes: “horror” was expressed over the loss of the two cellos, “modified rapture” over the fate of the viola.

    • FFS! I’m sick of reading stories of musicians’ misfortune on this blog to then find the first post is some misanthrope or wag, or whatever, trolling or trying to be funny about it or blaming the musicians for their misfortune. Why would anybody take an interest in a blog about serious top-level music-making if they apparently don’t feel a shred of sympathy for the musicians?! In this case the musicians in question have had the terrifying experience of being confronted by a knifeman and then having their instruments destroyed. I see nothing funny in that, and if anybody does, would you mind please keeping your thoughts to yourself and leaving the comments for the grown-ups.

      • For some, mockingly sardonic, seemingly destructive humour is a survival technique: without it life might be just too grim. Being willing and able to mock self is essential. Most of the good viola jokes I’ve heard have come from viola players.

        • Self mockery is great. I believe the above jokes did not come from the musicians who lost their instruments.

      • The comments for grown-ups? Do you know which site you’re on?!
        And to be fair, I have immense sympathy for everyone involved, must have been an awful experience. To be honest, it only occured to me to be silly about it when I read the article and saw that a viola was also thrown, but wasn’t mentioned in the title.

    • Ha ha, very funny your viola joke.
      It’s a wonderful instrument, you know: a dear friend of mine, a violist, played to me one of the Bach solo Partitas in a transcription for viola a few weeks before she suddenly died of a stroke.
      It was lovely, as was she.
      Please forgive me if I will no longer be amused by viola jokes.

  • Norman, just to clarify, the man didn’t throw anything onto the tracks off of a speeding train.
    The train had pulled into and stopped at the Büchen station, after the man had been asked for his train ticket and threatened the train’s conductor with a knife in response.
    After all other passengers and employees had disembarked and waited for police to arrive, the man rampaged through the train and then proceeded to throw passengers’ belonging onto the platform.
    According to police, his response when asked ‘why’ was “Because I can”.

  • The comment about no repercussions for crimes in Western countries is ridiculous, but it is true that Mideastern or eastern countries have generally much harsher penalties. I do wonder about the nationality of the perpetrator or even the name, but of course we won’t know that if he is of a certain background.

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