Grim news: Rolando Villazón is out for 3 months

The Mexican-French tenor, whose health has been unsteady, has been ordered to rest until March 20 following surgery for a gastro-enterological complaint.

We wish him better.



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  • Rolando Villazon, surrounded by super stars, still stands head and shoulders above them all for stunning, spine tingling performances throughout his career! Take the time Rolando, and make a full recovery! The voice willalso benefit from the rest – and we can wait!

  • If that picture is of Rolando Villazon, then he really has got problems. If he’s still the charming, dark-haired Mexican tenor I met years ago, then good luck to you, sir, and we shall eagerly await your return in whatever form it takes.

  • No harm to the man – but his impulsive, uncontrolled attempts at dramatic vocal expression ruined a fine lyric tenor instrument. It’s shocking to read the comments below – evidently fans who have never taken the opportunity of understanding the work of artists and great technicians like Gedda, Alfredo Kraus, and Pavarotti (to mention but three).
    What can one say!

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