Gergiev’s sister is driving Doctor Zhivago

When Valery Gergiev was growing up, Pasternak’s masterpiece could only be read as secret literature (samizdat).

This month, he is presenting the world premiere of Doctor Zhivago, an opera by David Krivitsky, from January 24 at the Marinsky concert hall in St. Petersburg.

The music director is Larissa Gergieva, the maestro’s sister.

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  • Pasternak’s novel Dr Zhivago circulated underground in Russia not only during Gerviev’s or Putin’s childhood, but even up to Kissin’s early teen years: the novel first appeared in print in Russia in 1988, the year Gergiev succeeded Temirkanov at the helm of the Kirov Theater, as the Marinsky was then called.
    The first name of Gergiev’s sister is a good fit for the new opera.

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