Concertgebouw violinist goes to work for management agency

From Annabeth Webb:

Life is about chances, choices and changes.

I have enjoyed to the fullest the chance to play in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra as second violinist for almost 20 years. A dream job that I fought for to achieve. Now I have taken the choice for a major change in life, saying goodbye to the luxury of the known and accept the chance to new adventures.

I am extremely proud and thankful to announce that from January 1st 2019 I will be working for HarrisonParrott Ltd as manager Touring and Projects. Looking forward to learning, exploring and developing!

There’s another life out there.

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  • Her career move is rather unusual but she’s not the first fiddler to give up (at least professionally) the violin for other pursuits. Here are a few who did it also: Arthur Judson, Iso Briselli, Giovanni Ricordi, Olga Rudge, Laura Archera, Arma Senkrah, Teresina Tua, and Patricia Travers.

    • Bohuslav Martinu and Carl Neilsen both escaped from 2nd violin sections to be full-time composers, the Dane after sixteen long years.

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