Composer bargain: Shostakovich’s flat is up for sale

Composer bargain: Shostakovich’s flat is up for sale


norman lebrecht

January 23, 2019

The seven-room apartment on Kronverskaya Street, 29-37, in St Petersburg is up for sale. It is where Shostakovich started work on the Leningrad Symphony.

The asking price is just under 27 million rubles.

In real money: $406,369.44.

The asking price has been cut by 4 million rubles since last year.

How can we resist?

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  • Jean says:

    I expect to find a previously unknown symphony hidden somewhere in the sealings….

  • City Slicker says:

    Real money?
    Russia debt/GDP ratio= 13.5%, budget surplus 2.7% of GDP
    USA debt/GDP ratio=105%, budget deficit 3.5% of GDP and rising

    • Bill says:

      At least the US makes some stuff. The Russian economy isn’t even as big as Italy’s.

      Once we send Trump packing and replace him with a president and Congress that has a grasp of how the economy works, the debt ratio will go back down as it has every other time after a Republican administration.

      • Bogusława Kalinowska says:

        “a president and Congress that has a grasp of how the economy works”

        And I have some beach property in Nevada to sell you.

        Obongo’s legacy is stunning:

        But I’m backing Alexandria Occasional Cortex ! Only she can save the planet from destruction.

        • Bill says:

          Her tax proposal has broad support in the US, and all polling shows even the weakest Democratic candidate beating Trump handily in 2020.
          Trump is an unpopular president, has always been, and will continue to be, in spite of what Fox news tells you. He’s done. The great negotiator can’t even build a wall he promised Mexico was going to pay for.

          Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to work shopping for one of those high quality Russian cars on my Russian designed computer loaded with that ever reliable Russian software.

          • Robert Groen says:

            How little you know! Russian computers (none built in Singapore) and software are totally equal to any that the West can produce, if not better (how else could they have engineered Trump’s election?lol). As for Russian cars, you seem to be stuck in the old Lada Fiat-clone days. I hate to say it, but this sort of pig ignorance will one day be the USA’s downfall. I’ll regret that, I used to like America. But your unwillingness to learn from experience is going to work against you big time.

          • Brettermeier says:

            “How little you know! Russian computers (none built in Singapore) and software are totally equal to any that the West can produce, if not better”

            Funniest thing I’ve read today. 😀

            (And their cars suck, too.)

        • muslit says:

          a very minor opinion. didn’t trump say he would eliminate the debt in 8 years? LOL. it is now 21.7 trillion. nothing like a conservative to complain about democrats unable to reign in debt. and as far as the economy is concerned, most people believe the russian agent in the white house is surfing off obama’s economy (coming off of the republican great recession. why is that republicans are always associated with economic catastrophe: hoover/great depression – reagan/market crash 1987 – bush/great recession 2008)? furthermore, look at the economy when obama took over, and the economy when trump took over. and LOL

          • Bill says:

            Even if we were in some bizarro world where the tiny Russian economy could be considered good compared to the US just on the basis of its national debt, in the US, people aren’t routinely scammed or even murdered by unscrupulous real estate agents; aided and abetted by crooked judges, the way they are in Putin’s Russia:


            Say what you will about the US, even in the time of Trump, we still have the rule of law, and you aren’t likely to lose your life savings or your life by selling or buying real estate.

        • Robert Groen says:

          Nothing can save this planet from destruction. The rogue planet Melancholia is on a collision course with Earth and, in time will blow us all to kingdom come. Ask Lars von Trier. Frankly, I can’t wait.

  • Jamesay says:

    “Real money “. How English and patronising! Rubles are real too!

  • John Borstlap says:

    The appartment has been offered to me for free by two Russian businessmen, on the provision that I keep 18 small bottles of unspecified liquid in a small iron safe, and don’t tell anybody. But my PA refused to live in St Peterburg.

  • esfir ross says:

    Shostakovich was given 7 room apartment in Stalin time. Only time-server could have privilege to have such large place for one family. Usually : 7 room for 7 families.

  • Why isn’t it bought by the state to be converted into a national museum?

  • Robert Groen says:

    I was interested in this thread until you referred to Dollars as ‘real money’. That’s the past, now for the present. Give me Rubles any day. Do you have to sneak in your little politcal barbs every time?